The poor are true persons to meet

During a recent conference at the Gregorian University in Rome, on the theme “A minority that evangelizes”, card. Luis Tagle, president of Caritas Internationalis, said he was surprised to see how minorities have the capacity of evangelizing others. “The best expressions of joy after encountering Jesus, we see in the poor and humble persons. That’s why pope Francis insists so much on the Church poor for the poor”.

“The church has to examine herself from the pastoral and missionary point of view”, cardinal insisted. What is important most is meeting persons, and build the culture of encounter. “Often we talk of the poor as a concept. Instead they are true persons. And when we meet these true persons, we not only give them what they need – as we have to do -, but we also receive much from them. It belongs to their dignity being active agents of their own lives, and also of the transformation of the world”.


The visit of the Pope to Myanmar and Bangladesh is very important, said the Cardinal, “because the Church in these two counties is a tiny minority. But their strength of witness is very important, for bringing the values of the Gospel among the majority of people, who are Buddhists or Muslims. May the Gospel bring new hope for a brotherly life together”.

(by Marcello Storgato)